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Bjarte Aasland: how cities can develop with the growth of the oil industry

Bjarte Aasland has 13 years of experience working offshore on oil platforms in the North Sea. Bjarte is a native Stavanger resident and has first hand knowledge of how the city of Stavanger has developed with the growth of the oil industry.


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Odd Are Tveit: Expected Developments in the Gran Canaria Oil Industry the Next 5 Years and Beyond

Odd Are Tveit runs Otech Marine Services AS based in Haugesund, Norway and relocated to Las Palmas due to the opportunities available here.


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Katja Andes: “Sunny Office – Work Retreats in the Sun”

Katja has created the Sunny Office concept, this will be interesting for all you sunseekers.

 Sunny Office at Gran Canaria Business Week 2014

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Andre Gussekloo: “Following The Sun With Your Laptop: How To Live And Work Like A Digital Nomad”

Andre is a Dutchman, a digital nomad, roaming Thailand, Spain and more as a Kindle publisher. Andre will tell you how to live like a digital nomad.

Andre Gussekloo At Gran Canaria Business Week 2014

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Trade Tracker: Opportunities In Affiliate Networking

TradeTracker UK is part of TradeTracker International, the market leading affiliate networking company in many European territories.


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Todd Michael Heater: The Google Ecosystem

Todd is an American living in Gran Canaria who is a Google AdWords expert. In his session he ran through the Google ecosystem, mostly by going through examples.

His presentation was split into 2 parts. The first was held outdoors.

Todd Michael Heater discussing Google at the Gran Canaria Business Week 2014

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Thomas Gramstad: Bitcoin – Cryptocurrencies

Thomas Gramstad is the president of EFN, the Norwegian sister organization to the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF. Thomas Gramstad speaks about Bitcoin and other peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies.

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Peter Carruthers: Selling Skills for Perfectionists

Peter Carruthers is a South African business advisor, currently residing in Gran Canaria with his Norwegian wife and children. Peter runs his sales consulting firm Business Warriors from anywhere in the world and does a daily sales coaching email newsletter with thousands of subscribers.

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Karen Floyd: Principles of PR and Communications, Understanding an Audience

Karen Floyd runs the UK based PR and marketing company Symmetry PR. Karen Floyd has established herself in Gran Canaria to develop her business from here. In this talk she runs through the principles of PR and communications as well as understanding an audience.

 Symmetry PR

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David Steffensen: Running An International Travel Agency

David Steffensen runs an international travel agency in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. In his talk at Gran Canaria Business Week, he describes how he created his company and offers some insights into how it functions on a daily basis.

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