Professional Conference Week, Gran Canaria.
Gran Canaria, Spain – first week of the year, every year.

Internet marketing, innovation in sales, digital lifestyle, lifestyle business, networking, motivation, inspiration, books, music and much much more.

We will make this a yearly conference in Gran Canaria / Maspalomas / Las Palmas, the week after every New Year.

Many people in Northern Europe want to escape to the sun in the dark winter months.  Hundreds of thousands of people come to Gran Canaria for the Christmas and New Year holidays.  They stay for a week or two but must then head right back to work after the holidays.  We want to now give people the opportunity to come to the sun and then to stay for a little longer. We therefore set up a meaningful program of business related events that together become a meaningful, productive conference work week.  If you travel with your family, you can let your wife/husband and children stay at the hotel while you go to some business meetings.

This first week of the year is ideal for this as most schools will allow schoolchildren to be away for schoold during the few days in this week as long as they are back to school early the following week.

We want to use this week to allow people to come to Gran Canaria for the holidays and then to stay-on through the first week for pleasure AND for some serious business!  We will make the professional content of the conference so good that attendees can and will consider it an actual work time (not a holiday) and therefore be allowed to stay on by their employers as working time. Business owners will be able to deduct the cost as a business expense.




Hans Johansen